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Dog Captions

Are you looking for Dog Captions for Instagram? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected only the best Dog Captions for you.

Having a great caption to go along with your pictures can make all the difference. Not only does it give your followers a little insight into what the photo is all about, fitting captions can also be a great way to show off your personality or the meaning of your pictures.

Below, you’ll find the best collection of Dog Captions on the web. Have a look and take your pick to make your photos stand out from the crowd.


Dog Instagram Captions

  • A house is not a home without a dog. 
  • Home is where someone runs to greet you. 
  • All you need is love and a dog. 
  • Stay pawsitive. 
  • Dog hair is just a part of the decor. 
  • Wash your paws.
  • Dog mom. 
  • You, me and the dogs. 
  • Life is better with a dog.
  • Dog kisses fix everything. 
  • Live like someone left the gate open. 
  • Blessed & dog obsessed. 
  • Life goals: pet all the dogs.
  • Will work for treats.
  • Please, hold your appaws.
  • Fur Mama
  • This cute face is made possible by belly rubs.
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Dog Captions
  • Ready for a pawsome adventure! 
  • Hold my drink, I’ve gotta pet this dog.
  • Dogs leave paw prints on your heart.
  • The best therapist has fur and four legs.
  • Dude, where’s my ball?
  • My dog is my favorite person. 
  • If I can’t bring my dog, I’m not going. 
  • Cutest dog in the world, reporting for duty! 
  • Warning: I could become even cuter than this.
  • Dogs are a girl’s best friend. 
  • Raise the woof! 
  • Just taking time to paws and reflect.
  • Hope you have a pawsome day. 
  • Only come if you like dogs. 
  • You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it.
  • Sweet dreams are made of treats.
  • Now giving nap lessons.
  • I work hard so that my dog can have nice things. 
  • Pawsitive vibes only.
  • I have too many dogs, said no one ever. 
  • My best friend is my dog.
  • Coffee and dogs make the world go round. 
  • I just want to pet my dog. 
  • Dog hair is my glitter. 
  • Tell your dog I said hi! 
  • I am not lazy. I’m just on save energy mode.
  • It really is the dog’s house. We just pay the bills. 
  • I’m just here to pet all the dogs.
  • Getting a new LEASH on life! 
  • Be the person your dogs thinks you are. 
  • I wonder if my dog dreams about me.
  • When nothing is going right, chase squirrels.
  • Love is a four legged word.
  • We adore this little face. 
Dog Captions
  • Dogs just make things better. 
  • I want all the dogs. 
  • A dog is the only thing that loves you more than yourself.
  • At least we have dogs. 
  • He has a bed. This isn’t it…
  • Proud to be a crazy dog lady.
  • The road to my heart is filled with paw prints.
  • Puppy love.
  • Sometimes they call me ‘getbackhere’.
  • My dog thinks that she’s always on vacation. 
  • Living her best life. 
  • When my dog looks at me like this, I melt. 
  • Life is never boring with her around. 
  • Not all dogs are bad. Some are good girls!
  • Dogs are the universe’s way of apologizing for your relatives. 
  • If there are no dogs in heaven, I don’t want to go.
  • Life would be ruff without you.
  • Raise your paw. Who’s up for an adventure.
  • Life is short, spoil your dog.
  • All dogs are good, some are just a little ruff around the edges. 
  • Cuteness overload, am I right?
  • Thanks fur the memories.
  • It’s a dog’s life. 
  • No captions needed here. Just take in the cute doggie vibes.
  • Pugs and kisses.
  • Dog dads are the best.
  • Silly girl.
  • How about some zoomies to fill your day with joy.
  • Send me more dog pics.
  • I will always woof you.
  • It’s not drinking alone if your dog is home.
  • Life is too short to just have one dog.
  • Nothing is better than hitting the dog park with my bestie.
  • Dogs = joy.
  • I wish I could text my dog.
Dog Captions
  • This friendship is fur real.
  • Spending the day with my favorite pup.
  • Dogs before dudes.
  • Must love dogs.
  • Did someone say dinner?
  • Dogs are like potato chips, you can never have just one. 
  • The dog father.
  • Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
  • We walk the walk and bark the bark.
  • Dog mom AF.
  • I’m not single. I have dogs.
  • Wag more, bark less.
  • She’s all adventure, all the time.
  • When you have a dog, you never walk alone.
  • My couch is incomplete without my dog’s hair.
  • Do not disturb the cuteness. 
  • Happiness is a holding a puppy.
  • Reserved for the dog.
  • I wish I could text my dog.
  • Never trust a person that doesn’t love dogs.
  • First they steal your heart, then they steal your bed. 
  • Dog kisses heal everything.
  • All my kids have paws.
  • Easily distracted by dogs.
  • My dog is cooler than yours.
  • All this doggie wants to do is play, play, play.
  • You had me at woof. 
  • Rescue is my favorite breed.
  • Beware of the dog, he will steal your heart.
  • Dogs are my kinda people.
  • Happiness starts with a nose and ends with a tail. 
  • This dog knows how to turn a ruff day around.
  • Thanks fur always being there with me.
  • My dog is the only one who understands.
  • Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never owned a dog.
  • Beware of the dog. He will steal your heart.


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